10 Essential Apps for Your New Phone

New year, new me… New phone?

I have finally succumbed to Android after years of the iPhone – not because I’m a convert (I’m not going to start screaming at iPhone users in the street, calling them ‘fanboys’), but because I fancied a change. That change has been from the iPhone 5 ,to the Samsung Galaxy S6; 12 hours in and so far so good (except from the bubbles I got whilst putting on my screen protector, but that is expected of my clumsy self).

So, here is my list of the 10 Essential Apps for your new phone!

  1. Facebook (and Messenger) I know, I know. Cliché of a first app to download to be Facebook, to immedietly message your friends (whilst you’re waiting for your number to get transferred over) “Look! I finally got a new phone!”. It’s got to be done.
  2. Instagram I’ve just gone from 8 mega-pixels to 16. Stick a filter on that new photo. Enjoy those extra pixels. Hashtag that #NewPhoneBitchez. Do what you want. Photo what makes you happy and then cry when only two people like it. One of them was probably your mother.
  3. Spotify Whether you’re scrounging on the freebie version, on the student premium, or pushing that boat out, get Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify yet, download it (I’m not sponsored, I swear). It has recommended me some great songs in my one and a half year affair; songs that I would never have known. It tells me what I like in a rather machoistic way (Chamber Pop, apparently), so if you like new music being shoved in your face every week, go for it.
  4. Duolingo This is just great. Learn a language on the go. Get bullied into daily submission by a cute but ominous green bird-thing. Be able to expand your Tinder locations to across the channel to pull yourself a French person with your new, smooth chat-up lines. The possibilities are endless!
  5. The Guardian Get the news whilst the news is new. Procrastinate at work and become really up-to-date with the world in 2016 to impress your mates. What is your opinion on the deficit, hmm? Kidding. They have some good, long reads, as well as short articles, along with some really cool galleries for you to look through.
  6. reddit is fun News? Check. Cute cats? Check. Nudity? Check. Everything one could possibly want from an app. The app is one of the many Reddit platforms, but I personally really like this one. New to Reddit? It’s basically a forum of forums. The ‘front page of the Internet’. Get an account, subscribe to see fluffy creatures, breathtaking scenery and read people’s fuck-ups to make you feel better about accidently kissing your boss at the Christmas party.
  7. Wunderlist Made a NYR to organise your life a little better? Wunderlist has your back. Create lists of everything: groceries, holiday destinations, work tasks, films you’ve been meaning to watch and so on. Assign tasks to other people. Share your lists. Pretty nice and simple, yeah?
  8. Snapchat Send videos of your cats to your friends. Send pictures of your friends whilst they’re napping on the couch to your other friends. Have no friends? Snapchat your mum ugly selfies. You can now have these filters that go over your face, so if you’re a sucker for AI like me, the Snapchat filters you can put over your face are pretty cool. I know you have to pay for some of them now, but at least I can now do the cool Snapchats of myself breathing snow in a frozen wasteland with my glasses on. Kudos, Snapchat.
  9. Netflix Got a new phone with a large screen? You can officially Netflix ‘n’ Chill from the comfort of your phone. I would make sure you were on your WiFi first, though. Heres to some late night show binges!
  10. Whatsapp The 2nd most downloaded app on the Play Store. I used to love Whatsapp when I had limited minutes, but now that I have unlimited minutes, and mainly use Facebook Messenger, I don’t find it quite as brilliant as I used to. However, it’s pretty great for its group chats!


Have I missed anything spectacular? Let me know, and I can revise the list!


Enjoy your new phone,

Dan x


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